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We have a unique combination of expertise including geologists, engineers and corporate finance professionals to provide in-depth industry experience and market knowledge.

Advanced Petroleum Training Allocation (APTA)

What is APTA?

  • APTA is the Training, Studies & Consulting Arm of Phoenix Petroleum Services Co.
  • APTA is a Cross-Training E&P Business Orientation Concept


APTA is a Multi-national Allocation devoted to an investment, promotion, development and operation of projects in MENA Area.

Our activities include the whole range of services required along the life cycle of industrial projects, within the Oil, Gas sector& Mineral resources.

We are recognized by the excellence of our Expertise & technical capabilities.


To create a certified assessment phoenix team in E & P Business.


To afford the commercial & technical expperience by the APTA personal to transfer petroleum updated technology and Upgrade Brown Oil & Gas Fields Potentiality.


  • To be registered & recognized in MENA Area.
  • To be registered in most of E&P major Companies Business
  • Our APTA Graduation to be recognized.
  • To be of high commercial Value.

APTA Services

1- Courses:

More than 73 E&P Courses (Basics, intermediate & Advanced).

2- E & P Studies:

1- Geophysics Study
  • 3D seismic data review
  • Multi-parameter seismic inversion
  • Sweetness distribution analysis for well drilling
  • Sweetness development area depiction for production analysis
  • Fracture prediction and fracture belt evaluation
  • Reservoir comprehensive prediction and evaluation
  • Hydrocarbon detection
2-Petrophysics Study
  • Conventional & FMI logging interpretation
  • Favorable reservoir petrophysics research
3- Geology Study
  • Structural analysis
  • Core sampling for Lab experiment
  • Jurassic depositional environment and facies study
  • Jurassic sweetness distribution research
  • Sweetness development mechanism research
  • Pay zones reservoir heterogeneity analysis
4- Fracture characterization
  • Snail gathering processing review and optimization
  • OVT fracture characterization
  • Fracture prediction and fracture belt evaluation
5- Geo-modeling
  • 3D geological model update
  • Upscaling
6- Reservoir Engineering and Dynamic Modeling
  • Dynamic and static model properties integration of Jurassic formation
  • Model initialization and reliability testing
  • Well type & trajectory study and optimization
  • Pilot well production performance analysis
  • Optimized well production rate, production cum and pressure maintenance
  • Finalization of the pilot well design scenarios
7- Pilot Well Economic Assessment.

In terms of all above workload and production profile, all scenarios will be evaluated based on the contract items and estimated parameters. It includes but not limited to the following.

  • Pilot well economic evaluation and acceleration options
  • Analyze oil contract model and fiscal terms
  • Build the economic estimation model for financial analysis
  • Parameters for economic analysis, such as tax rate, discount rate, inflation rate
  • Financial analysis under different cases, based on different workload, production profile, long-term oil price
  • To explore the acceleration options if feasible for the special materials and the services to drill the pilot well in earlier time.
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