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We have a unique combination of expertise including geologists, engineers and corporate finance professionals to provide in-depth industry experience and market knowledge.

Advisory Overview & Services

PHOENIX Petroleum Services Limited, a portfolio management consultancy, provides acquisition, advisory, and divestment services for the upstream oil and gas community in the Middle East. Its acquisition services include market analysis, finding assets, deal structuring, advising on bid level, post-bid negotiations, and coordinate legal and financial consultants; and divestment services comprise planning, data preparation, screen buyers, marketing, data room, deal promotion, bid evaluation, negotiation, and data transfer. The company also provides proactive acquisition services with search for assets/companies to meet the client’s requirements.

The oil and gas assets regarding companies/ Governments in Middle East but Egypt remain a significant part of our activities.

The main elements of the service are;

Divestment Services

  • Planning & data preparation
  • Screen Buyers 
  • Marketing 
  • Data Room 
  • Deal Promotion 
  • Bid Evaluation 
  • Negotiation 
  • Data Transfer


  • Market Analysis 
  • Finding Assets 
  • Deal Structuring 
  • Advising on Bid Level 
  • Post-Bid Negotiations 
  • Coordinate legal and financial consultants

Divestment Services

PHOENIX Petroleum is an established, independent consultancy specializing in all aspects of Portfolio Management for the upstream international oil & gas community.

In the following sections we address in detail the individual elements of the divestment process.


PHOENIX Petroleum runs data rooms externally and in-house, and these have been widely praised for their efficient and professional management.

As necessary, provide all facilities including computer hardware, etc.;

  • Provide secure on-line data room for selected or complete datasets;
  • If needed, capture and organise all the data.
  • Copy data for data room and ensure safe return of originals. Copying will likely be a combination of paper and “electronic”

Physical or Virtual Data Room

Unrivalled Connection with Upstream Buyers

Data Room Management





This is the deliberate search for specified acquisition targets. The typical sequence of events in a proactive acquisition campaign for companies/Governments assets are to assess the hydrocarbon characteristics and resources of a basin/play in order to establish if an area can realistically achieve the Client’s objectives

  • Agreement on asset characteristics desired, size of funds available, and timeframe for success.
  • Seek out assets that meet the Client’s criteria
  • Screening companies that might be weak holders of interests that meet the Client’s criteria
  • Preliminary evaluation of selected assets; both assets that meet the Client’s criteria and searching for companies that are weak holders of assets in the area/play is a powerful approach that yields opportunities. Typically, conversations about one asset lead to uncovering other opportunities that may interest the Client even if they are not originally what the Client first considered of interest.
  • Develop and deliver innovative tailored tactical advice to approach asset owners
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