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Concession overview:

The block is on the southern part of the Gulf of Suez in a water depth 90 – 300 feet opposite to Hurghada city.
The Block is offshore opportunity and is 17 km. from shoreline.
This block has been subject for a different operators and investors since 1970's, and has been relinquished several times.

A total of 7 appraisal wells were drilled and 4 wells were tested gas, condensate with 45 API and oil with 35 API.

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Due to the tourism environmental constraints been prevailed since long on Hurgada all development plans were suspended, till finally an agreement has been established which allowed the oil sector to call for international investors to appraise/develop such proven gas, condensate and oil reserves.

Hydrocarbon closure area is about 40 sq. Km and oil & gas bearing reservoir from top to bottom are Belayim Dolomite, Kareem sand, and fracture basement.

The block has an oil & gas potential and possible upside potential, on addition the block is very close to a permanent on-shore oil & gas production facilities which has a big space and allege to accommodate any additional oil & gas production, also the oil & gas evacuation trunk line connected to the national oil & gas pipe line network are available and does not need any additional investment.

Development Plan:

Therefore, all capital expenditure might be needed will be limited to achieve the following tasks.

  • 1- 6 slots Primary offshore production platform: (no off shore fluid separation) with the minimum production facilities (test separator, will be installed at SBNB-1 location (North Block).
  •      1A- One unmanned wellhead platform with 3 slots installed at SB-1 location.
  •      1B- 10"x 4.5 km CS infield flowline.
  • 2- Development oil & gas producers: Drill a total of 5 producers to produce a total of 150 MMSCF/D and 10000 BOPD from the highest potential compartment- this should be considered as a phase I of the field development plan.
  • 3- A 10" – 12" off shore multiphase pipe line to transfer oil & gas to the nearest point onshore (17 km.).
  • 4- Primary oil & gas separation facilities to be installed onshore.
  • 5- Two oil & gas trunk lines 6" & 8" size to be installed about 30 Km onshore to evacuation the oil & gas production for final stabilization and for the evaluation to the national grid.
  • 6- Will use LUKOIL oil pipeline to transfer oil & condensates to national grid( existing pipeline facility , 4 km. distance from onshore facilities )
  • 7- Will use 24” gas pipeline at Hurghada to transfer gas to SUCO Gas Plant.( existing pipeline facility which is 7 km. from onshore facilities )


  • The Block is a green gas and oil field.
  • Hydrocarbon Closure area is more or less 40 sq. kilometers.
  • Reservoirs from top to bottom are Belayim Dolomites, Kareem Sand, basal Miocene sand and Frack. Basement.
  • Upside potential is great.
  • Need to develop gas & oil.

Summary of well tests are:


  • DST-1 in fract. Basement 35.9 mmcfG/d &1086 b condensate /d (net pay is 81 feet).
  • DST-2 in L. Belayim Dolomites 12.6 mmcfG/d & 328 b condensate/d ( net pay is 38 feet).
  • DST-3 in up. Belayim Dolomites 23.6mmcfg/d & 758 bcpd ( net pay is 55 feet ).

SB-2 Well

  • DST in Kareem Sand 24.6 mmcfg/d & 515 bcpd (net pay is 46 feet).
  • Basement not tested and is 30 feet net pay.

SB S-3 Well

  • DST-1 in Fract. Basement not conclusive give 0.5 mmcfg/d &300 bcpd with mud water (pay is 100 feet).
  • DST-2 in Belayim Dolomites 10.8 mmcfg/d & 275 bcpd ( net pay is 100 feet ).

SBNB-1 Well

  • DST in Kareem Sand 1850 bopd (35 degree API) & 2.3mmcfg/d (net pay is 32 feet).
  • Net Pay in Fract. Basement is 200 feet not tested.

SBN-2 Well

  • Not Tested with 40 feet net pay in Belayim Dolomites & 47 feet net pay in Kareem Sand.
  • frack. Basement pay not drilled thickness of which could be 200 feet

SBN-3 Well

  • Not Tested with 38 feet net pay in Belayim Dolomites .
  • kareem/Rudeis are faulted out.
  • Kareem or basal miocene Sand 60 feet pay?
  • fract basement not drilled enough,expected pay similar to SBA-2

SBA-2 Well

  • Belayim Dolomites is faulted out.
  • 75 feet net pay in Kareem Sand, MDT 2 litres of oil(45 degree API).
  • 100 feet net pay in Fract. Basement.

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