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The available Refinery capacities in Egypt does need a serious enhancement program which should includes enhance/upgrading of the existing refineries, meanwhile support adding additional refinery capacities

The need for an additional refinery capacity is an invaluable target utilizing the latest Hydrocracking refinery technology to cope with the increasing Egypt demand from all different oil light products. This target does dictates need for all necessary efforts to establish such Mega Projects with its associated huge volume of internal/external foreign investment.



Mega Investment Project to build a Refinery Complex With capacity of 100,000 Barrel Oil per Day.

  • The first Mega project on the Mediterranean coast and should add a positive remarkable value to the area of Alamien.
  • Maximize the utilization of El Hamra storage export/import facilities which have a very strategical geographical position alongside the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The refinery is very well connected with the oil production national network and all the refinery production could be evacuated for internal utilization or exporting abroad.
  • The availability of experienced and well trained persons to build and operate such sophistical enhanced project.
  • Satisfy the increasing demand of Egypt oil products in view of the future expectation.

The Project Investment:

  • Owner: Government and Other investors
  • Processing Capacity (phase1): 100,000 BPSD
  • Value (phase1): US$ 3 billion
  • Share needed is between 40-60%

Project Outlines :

High conversion Configuration based on total hydrocracking and recycle hydrocracking (HCU) and delayed cocker (DCU) technologies.

18 process units

Utilities & Offsites Units to support Refinery Operation.

  • Refinery Capacity -/ 100 MBOPD
  • Annual Refinery Capacity -/ 36 MMBBLS
  • Recommended Crude -/ 30-32 API
  • International recommended crude oil
    - 100% processing -/ ARL/BLT/OMN
    - 50% Max. processing QRN/DUB/WES
    Masila Syrian Light
  • Expected refined oil products
LPG 3 %
MOGAS 95 20.5 %
Jet Fuel 13.8 %
Diesel 49.2 %
Sulphur 1.5 %
Coke 8 %
 Total 95 %

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If you are looking for high return investments

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If you are looking for high return investments

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