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We have a unique combination of expertise including geologists, engineers and corporate finance professionals to provide in-depth industry experience and market knowledge.

Our core business expert imaging team , innovative software and with creating unrivaled database combine to offer exceptional results that already led us to unlock the true lower Paleozoic Gas potential and freshwater Aquifers of East Jordan Basins.

e jordan gas and water


A- Water Projects:

  • More or less 8 months to drill water wells to delineate Aquifer boundaries and estimating reserves which could exceed 60 BCM.
  • Starting to irrigate wheat and vegetables (Jordan imports 85% of its needed), first phase would be more or less 100,000 Acres (Fund is available through our company consortium with third party).
  • Liecences to build purified water bottles plants to fulfill Jordan and Saudi Arabia needs.
  • Starting of a long term plan to build 1-2 drinking water stations, pipelines, and tanks to recover E. Jordan needs, and also irrigating of more than 100,000 acres of Crop Production in East Jordan.
  • Sustainable Report is well prepared for East Jordan area.
  • All the pumps would be solar technology.
  • Define area of recharging by using G&G study and then start to improve the ground water situation it is necessary to artificially recharge the depleted ground water aquifers. The available techniques are easy, cost-effective and Sustainable in the long term . Many of these can be adopted by the individuals and village communities with Locally available materials and manpower . The main purpose of applying geophysical methods for the selection of appropriate site for artificial recharge studies is to assess the unknown sub-surface hydrogeological conditions economically , adequately and unambiguously.

Injection Well

In this technique at the bottom of recharge shaft an injection well of 100 - 150 mm diameter is constructed piercing through the layers of impermeable horizon to the potential aquifers to be reached about 3 to 5 meter below the water level.

  • Ideally suitable for very deep water levels (more than 15 meters)
  • Aquifer is overlain by impervious thick clay beds
  • Injection well can be with or without assembly
  • The injection well with assembly should have screen in the potential aquifer at least 3-5 meter below the water level.
  • The injection well without assembly is filled with gravel to provide hydraulic continuity so that water is directly recharged into the aquifer.
  • The injection well without assembly is very cost effective.
  • Depending upon volume of water to be injected, number of injection wells, can be increased to enhance the recharge rate.
  • The efficiency is very high and rate of recharge goes up.

B- Gas Projects:

  • All Gas Agreements for the two Blocks will be a production share agreements , where the cost recovery will be 60 % , and the gas split would be 50 % to Jordan and 50 % to company.
  • First year would include re-entry of 4 wells and deepening of two wells, to increase gas production from 10 million cubic feet gas per day to more or less 60 million cubic feet gas per day, that will fulfill Jordan Risha Gas plant capacity.( already existing).
  • Next 3 years will include drilling of 6-10 wells to increase gas production to more than 300 million cubic feet gas per day.
  • A gas infrastructures should be prepared that includes gas pipeline, and petrochemical projects, etc……. .
  • Our company owns all the G&G and G&E data for the Risha & East Safawi Blocks which exceed in area more than 17,000 sq., kilometers.
  • All data are interpreted by using PETRELL, Hampson Russel, IP, and Geogega softwares.
  • Our technical report and E.Jordan presentations are accepted by Government & NPC in June, 2016.
  • Our company has prepared a very strong prospect inventory for more than 10 locations (Re-entry and deepening program for 7 old wells.).
  • Certainty of success exceeds 80%.

Our company offers the following :

  • E.Jordan data management including more than 5000 sq.km. of in house reprocess & interpreted 3D and 2D seismic , petrophysical & reservoir analyses of 48 wells and risk assessment view as well.
  • E&P Technology including licenses of IP, PETRELL, Hampson Russel & Geogega.
  • E&P Experts.
  • Technology transfer program for E&P business Nationals.
  • Technical Solutions for tight reservoirs in E. Jordan.
  • Funds for all previous Opportunities.


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